Monday, May 9, 2016

Next Appearance

Saturday, May 14th
7 p.m.
2926 Foothill Blvd.
Oakland, CA
Free with books for sale

Reading with Mike Edison on his Bay Area blast to celebrate his new book, YOU ARE A COMPLETE DISAPPOINTMENT: A TRIUMPHANT MEMOIR OF FAILED EXPECTATIONS (Sterling) with a typically rock’n’roll book tour!!!! 


featuring "World's Greatest Piano Player" Mickey FInn and the Astounding Rocket Tone Theremin!!! THIS WILL BE A FULL SET FEATURING X-RATED BLUES AND PSYCHEDELIC COMEDY!!!!! NOT A "BOOKSTORE READING"

An excerpt is available here:

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June-Nov. 2015 Appearances

June-Nov. 2015 Appearances

Sun., June 7, 2015
11 a.m. (My performance is at 11,
     but the festival takes place
     all day Sat., June 6, and 
     Sun., June 7.)
Allston Way (in front of the old Berkeley 
     Post Office, a few blocks from the
     Downtown Berkeley BART Station)
Free, but see Bay Area Book Fest website
     to reserve tickets. 

Naked Bulb - 
18 featured readers
800 minutes of open-mic time
Come listen to some featured readers, open-mic readers, musicians.
Mail a letter.
Bring a picnic.
Sit on the steps and watch the spectacle.
There is a beer and wine tent a block away and plenty of food in the area.

Plus 800 Minutes of Open-mic Spa

SAT 6th
10 Sharon Coleman
11 JK Fowler
12 David Welper
1 Cassandra Dallett
2 William Taylor Jr.
3 Maw Shein Win
4 Joel Landmine
5 Daphne Gottlieb

SUN 7th
10 Gina Goldblatt
11 Colleen McKee
1 Rohan DaCosta
2 Tomas Moniz
3 Richard Loranger
4 Beach Head

5 A. Razor

Art House Gallery
Sun., June 7, 2015
5-8 p.m.
2905 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, CA

Poetry Unbound #25


Linda Lerner

Ellaraine Lockie

and Colleen McKee

with a brief open mic

hosted by Richard Loranger and Clive Matson

signup for open mic: 5 pm

start: 5:15

$5.-$10. donation , no one turned away

wheelchair accessible


Fri., June 26, 2015
7 p.m.
Books Inc. in the Castro
2275 Market St., San Francisco

Poetry readings by Dean Kostos, Gr Keer, Erika Atkinson, Robert F. Santiago, and yours truly at a Castro institution. 

Free event; books for sale.

415.864.6777 (Books Inc. in the Castro)

Sat., July 11, 2015
First Leg, 5-6 p.m.
Sweet Bar Bakery
2355 Broadway (near 19th St. BART Station)

At this series, each writer is paired with another writer of a different generation (or at least 10 years older/younger).

Readings by Jon Sindell + me; Eileen Malone + Kathleen McClung; Nina Serrano + Garrett Murphy; and musician Stella Peach

Free event; books, food, and beverages for sale.

Sat., Nov. 14th, 2015
Time TBA
Rolling-Out Bakery
1722 Taraval St., San Francisco

William Taylor, Jr. and I will read from each other's stories. So will some other pairs of writers, TBA, and there will likely be musical guests.

Free event; books, food, and beverages for sale

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Interview: Writer on Writer

Novelist Sarah Shotland interviews me for Writer on Writer, a feature on Karen Lilis' Small Press Librarian blog.


Here's a poem for all you sinners. It's the Jewish New Year now, when we do taschlikh--we throw lint or bread crumbs from our pockets into a body of water to symbolize letting go of our sins. 


By the wizened roots of a massive oak
under the juniper tree

I cast my sins into the creek
scraping the lint from my pocket,

a mass of gritty regrets
tangled together, lodging under my nails.

I sat on the muddy bank
not caring about my skirt.

Blue gentians twisted in the oak roots,
clover bent under my boots.

One bit of foil was clumped in with my sins.
The lint swished downstream,

but the tiny glint of foil,
flashing in the sun, hooked

on a mass of gingko leaves too great
to be moved by mere water.

Some sins are too beautiful
to ever let go.

from Nine Kinds of Wrong, JKPublishing

Saturday, July 16, 2011

At the Edge of the Earth

Dear readers, I am now living in Berkeley, California, where the streets are lined in jasmine but often smell like piss. I'm working on a short story, a prose poem, and a poem.

Next magazine publication: real-life spy poems in eleven eleven

Next book publication: A Partial List of Things I Have Done for Money, a book of poems + two stories from JK Publishing. There will be a deluxe art version and a "regular" version. Both will feature the photos of John Walker Eckles (aka St. Johnnie Walker), Alison Carrick, and Bob Reuter.

Next reading: The Magic Eight (Bitchez Brew series), on Sat., July 30, 7:30-10:30, Viracocha SF, 998 Valencia, San Francisco. I'll read with Kathleen Wood, Maw Shein Win, James Warner, Siamak Vossoughi, Janey Smith, and Nicholas Karavatos. Music by the Beehavers, with Beeface Killah. I promise to be at my most magical bitchiest.

Monday, March 29, 2010

So You Want to Edit An Anthology

This week I am a guest columnist for Ruth Ellen Kocher's blog, If you've ever been curious about the glamorous world of editing a creative writing anthology, check it out.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blue Like an Orange

La terre est bleue comme une orange.
(The world is blue like an orange.)
--Paul Eluard

I am riding the bus
with a pumpkin in my lap--no pass
or pocketbook, no notebook, map
or keys. I only hold the pumpkin,
a perfect size, not so large
I have to stretch my arms
to keep it in its place, but not so small
that it could roll or bounce beneath the seats.
I wear a dress the color of lettuce, iceberg
to be exact. I like that it is scalloped
like leaves around the hem. I have no plans
for my spherical squash,
no thoughts of pie or lanterns,
salted seeds or soup. No, no plans at all.
I look out the window with something like interest
though there is nothing to see, no foliage,
no fences, no birds or bustling men,
only a sky with that light
peculiar to October,
light like a golden ball
sunk in a deep blue pond,
this gold so blue so bright it wavers,
common, strange, unasked for grace.
Little kids behind me
sling their bodies across my seat to Ooh,
you've got a pumpkin! Oh, can I
pet your pumpkin? Of course,
I say. Of course. I continue to stare
at the sky as these children--strangers to me--
touch for the sake of touch. Somehow I know
the bus has turned yellow, that yellow
only buses can be. I sit
with the sun in my lap.